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8 Weeks to Effortless

Regain your health, tap into new energy and vitality,
and begin to liberate stubborn body fat, in just eight weeks.

This self-paced, online, group metabolic therapy program is chock full of everything you want and need in a health coaching program, including:

  • Education

    Diets don't work because you're just told what to do. Not here. Here, you'll receive an education. You'll come to understand exactly WHAT to do and, more importantly, WHY you're being asked to make certain diet and lifestyle changes. When you know better, you do better.

  • Accountability

    To whom are you accountable? Certainly not to your nutritionist, your health coach, your personal trainer, or your doctor; virtual strangers in your life. In this program you'll learn the lifelong value of tapping into self-accountability.

  • Support

    Ask the "dumb" questions and get all the support and answers you need within our exclusive Facebook group. With an active community of past and current eat.simplers, and Weekly Live Q&A sessions with Erin, this is your continuing education.

Course curriculum

8 Weeks to Effortless is delivered in phases.

In Phase 1 (chapters 1-10) you'll learn the WHAT and WHY of the nutrition and lifestyle changes I'll be asking of you for the next eight weeks... and beyond!

In Phase 2 (chapters 11-15), we move into mindset, covering things like learning how to screw up at your diet and bounce back like it's no big deal; how to moderate your self-talk so that you can free yourself from the shame spiral; and how much of what you believe about your health and the size and shape of your body is a lie, foisted upon you by Diet Culture.

Phase 3, the last week of the program and the final chapter of the course, is all about Leaving The Nest. After an 8-week deep-dive into your metabolic health and an exploration of what it means to offer your body loving kindness (instead of hateful disdain), are you ready to live the rest of your life with an effortless relationship with food?

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